*EDISON was selected and included as part of the Chicagoland Shorts Vol. 2

“The ten filmmakers featured in VOL. 2 represent some of the most original and innovative voices in Chicago. These include up-and-coming talents as well as established auteurs, whose award-winning films have screened at festivals nationally and internationally including Cannes, Tribeca, Sundance, Berlin, Vienna, Rotterdam, and Chicago International.”

More info on that can be found here: Full Spectrum Features

Shot, edited, and VFX by Daniel Davison
Music: Horseback - "Inheritance (The Changeling)"
relapse.com/label/artist/horseback.html | horseback.bandcamp.com/

Filmed during the demolition of Edison High School, in Philadelphia, PA. March 2013.
I spent maybe an hour exploring the buildings and shooting, before being chased off by a security guard.

Edison High School lost 66 of it's students in the Vietnam War, it is believed that no other school in the country lost so many to Vietnam.


Lesson learned in lawless living.
Everything changes, all will end
From nothing to everything, to nothing again
Look away
Once a safe haven of thoughts and ideas, now a safeguarded mountain of shit
watched by half sleeping eyes paid minimum wage.
Slow and steady decay, it's happening before your eyes.
Peasant quarters hidden in the shadow of the castle
the middle class look on
the nobles look away, from their Center City towers.
Squatter fires glow bright at night
slow movers track and wrangle copper in hope of escape
Two miles South I'll sleep soundly in a warm soft bed
lightly sedated by the company of an old crow
We all want the same things
Something is off here, time is not on our side.
Dust will gather in the corners until the corners collapse.
Once dusty corridors will become dust themselves.
Paid to construct, paid to destroy.
See the dust and stir it
Notice the time and slow it
Hold nothing too tightly, lest you destroy it.

Until it blots out the sun and the warm bodies bite

I had a flight get cancelled due to a snow storm so I had an unexpected day in Buffalo, NY. I decided to wander around downtown during the storm and break in my new GoPro Hero4


The short film "Catharsis" was collaborative multi-faceted project between ISTHMUS Studio and RELIC. It was available for purchase on the the Farewell Tour for the band Underoath (Jan. 2013), where it was part of a T-shirt package. The film came on a USB drive that was included with a limited edition T-shirt that was designed using stills from the film.

The footage from the film was used to cut the final music video for Underoath for the song "Sunburnt".  Some of the footage was also used as live projection content on the Farewell tour.

Written, Produced, Directed, Edited, and Colored by Daniel Davison and Oscar Zabala
Director of Photography - Mitch Martinez
First AC - Brad Patterson
VFX - Daniel Gauthier
Camera Department - Grayson Vaughan and Joe Grasso
Production Assistant - Adam Peditto
Actors - Miles Garber, Taylor Cowan, and Daniel Ryan

Shot on location in Philadelphia and New York City, using the RED Epic.


This project was an effort to help a staple building in Philadelphia say goodbye, in a sense, to it's neighborhood (and home for almost 100 years), before it's forthcoming demolition.

Shot by Tes Davison
Edited by Daniel Davison

Music - "Silence" by Portishead

Down at heel // Fruit on tongue || 2015 Year end

A short collection of iPhone and GoPro video from the year 2015.

Artefact (or Ortlieb's II)

The buildings which housed the Ortlieb's Brewery from 1914 - 1981 are on the brink of demolition. Soon after I heard this sad news, I decided to spend an afternoon there, documenting what is left of this great structure.

The buildings within this complex have long been covered in the work of Philadelphia street artists, but what has gripped my attention every time I've explored them, is the toll that Nature has wrought on this place. Since it's closing in 1981, Nature has slowly been reclaiming these buildings as it's own, which is obvious in the many trees, roots, vines, and moss that is almost everywhere you look. It is truly impressive to see the progress which Nature can make in a short amount of time, when humans aren't in the way.

This is an attempt at capturing both the vastness of one of my favorite buildings in Philadelphia, and the curious path that Nature takes when left alone for 30+ years.

This footage was shoot the day before I shot my previously posted "Ortlieb's" video.

Music: Southern : "Wiregrass" - southernmusic.bandcamp.com/