2015 year end. DOWN AT HEEL // Fruit on Tongue / by daniel davison

Here is a short collection of videos from my iPhone and GoPro taken throughout the year 2015.  From Pilsen to Prague, Idiana to Sweden.  And places in between.  The highs and the highs.  The dooms and the glooms.  Enjoy.

Bend out of shape, then bend back in.
I've brushed up on my trans-atlantic slang.  
too many days away, too many days at home.

Come O sunset of my life.
No, stay away.  

I'll touch the earth and be grateful
with earthlings soaked in luck and unluck
down at heel with fruit on tongue

the blood orange purple blue black sky melts the same for all
but only some feel its drip.
drink deep from the melt

the days carry on unlike dogs without teeth.
the earthlings carry on unlike dogs without teeth.