SWEDEN: 2 shows, old friends, Sunshine, beers, and lots of coffee. / by daniel davison

I love Sweden.  I've loved Sweden since my first trip here in 2006.  I came here with Norma Jean in the Fall of '06 to shoot two music videos for songs from "Redeemer" ("songs sound much sadder" and "Blueprints for future homes").  We stayed in Skellefteå for a few days shooting videos with the bad ass guys from Popcore Films.  The highlight of the trip was the last night BBQ at one of the directors parents houses, on the Baltic Sea.  This is where I first experienced a wood burning hot tub.  We soaked in the hot tub, then would jump in the freezing cold Sea, then back into the tub.  Repeat.  How could one not love Sweden?

My second trip to Sweden was a quick stop in July 2011 with Underoath to play the Peace and Love Festival.  Had a great time even though it was such a short stay.  Got to see The Stokes, M.I.A., and Atmosphere play.  A quick Google to remember when this fest was resulted in finding this dumb photo of me while playing the fest, haha: 

So yesterday was my first time back to Sweden since 2011.  This was my first show in Stockholm.  Had a great time!  Here's a little video from the show.

Got to see some old friends from Blindside, whom I hadn't seen in years.  It was so good to see them.  Before the show they took me for a beer in the Södermalm neighborhood of Stockholm, which was really nice.  After the show we went to a great bar called Gondolen, which overlooked all of downtown Stockholm.  Was a very inspiring and life giving evening. 

Today I woke up in Gothenburg.  Immediately headed out in search of Coffee.  Ended up spending a few hours reading, drinking coffee, and eating amazing pastry at a fantastic little cafe De Matteo.  Was a perfectly crisp day outside, the sun shining bright. 

Before the show I was able to explore the city a bit, walking toward the sun for a mile or two.  The light was incredible.  Found a perfect patio bar at Barabicu.  Enjoyed a beer while the sun set.

On the way back to the club, I couldn't help but stop for another coffee at De Matteo.  The show was another great one.  Had a ton of fun playing to a bunch of new people.  Stoked to come back, hopefully soon! 

Now we are off to Antwerp.