Chicago cycling = medicine for the mind, body, spirit, and creativity by daniel davison

I recently returned from a US tour with ETID.  We were supporting The Used.  Marmozets and The Eeries were also on the tour.  Marmozets are the best band that I've had the privilege of touring with in a very long time.  And the best people, we instantly became great friends.  It was really nice being back on tour in the US.  Got to see lots of friends and family, and get back to some cities that I hadn't visited in some time, which was fantastic. 

Touching John Hancock Center

Touching John Hancock Center

But alas, I'm home in Chicago.  I'd been really missing Chicago and Lake Michigan, especially toward the end of the tour.  Biking to the Lake was first thing on my agenda when I returned home.   So a couple times in the last few days I've been able to go out for long bikes rides through the city and along the Lakefront Trail.  It's absolutely the best way to see Chicago.  Everything about it is so good; finding new (to you) hidden corners of the city that you might otherwise have never noticed, getting to see all of the public and street art in the city, riding beneath the towering and beautiful architecture of downtown, and riding along Lake Michigan for miles and miles.  It's also inspiring to see how many people are out doing the same exact thing.  I love it.  It really is medicine for me in so many ways.

I stop at multiple points along the way to have a walk around and take photos with my phone, maybe have a cig, or maybe a cup of coffee.  These photos were taken today (Saturday, May 9) and 2 days ago (Thursday, May 7).  The juxtaposition of the weather and vibe of these two days was pretty incredible.  Today was supremely foggy, windy, and cold, while Thursday was literally the absolute perfect Chicago day one could ask for.  85 degrees, sunny, with a nice constant breeze.  That's one of the things that I love so much about Chicago, you can never really guess what the weather is going to be like on any given day... or even at any given hour, really.  It's always changing.  I like that.